Alcohol and drug detox is an indispensable part of the recovery and treatment process back to health. The definition of drug and alcohol detox is – a protocol designed to eradicate the body of toxic and deleterious substances, assigning specifically to drugs and alcohol. This is the preliminary process whereby the addict can start again with a clean slate.  You can be assured that when going through our particular detox procedure you will be left feeling rejuvenated and with a bright new outlook on life. Detox can be an especially cumbersome and grueling process in all aspects physically, mentally and spiritually.  We make it our primary objective to provide our clients the most appealing and pleasant drug and alcohol detox as humanly possible.  We provide a medically supervised treatment program in a tranquil and serene setting free from any distractions or external influences.  The environment where a detox takes place is absolutely critical to the efficacy of the program and we take pride in offering the most peaceful and relaxed atmosphere conducive to healing.  In addition to our staff of professional and medically trained experts we offer a host of activities to keep the patient engaged both physically and intellectually.  Every client is examined individually and then offered a program tailored to their personal needs and demands during detox.

What to expect in a Medical Detox Facility?


The average length of stay in a South Florida drug and alcohol detox is 4-10 days but varies depending on the needs of the patient.  It is within this timeframe that the user undergoes the most uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal as the noxious substances are slowly being eliminated from the body.  This is where the individual assessment of the patient during the preliminary stages of screening become so vital in order to ensure that that person is receiving the personalized care and medical attention they require due to their own unique body chemistry.  The moment the client is accepted through detox our doctors and staff are on-hand to provide the quality level care needed to ensure that person gets the treatment they deserve.  We make it our #1 concern and duty to give the patient a safe, practical and transformative outlet for them to reach their goal of becoming drug and alcohol free for good.

“You can expect nothing but meticulous attention to detail and striving for excellence in every facet of our detox program.  Our inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility guarantees a successful medical detox, which is the first step of treatment in the rewarding and deeply satisfying road back to recovery.  With assistance from an expert cadre of staff and medical doctors overseeing your healing, the future looks bright indeed.”

Our drug and alcohol detox is the first step of the life-changing voyage into sobriety but it is also imperative if you or your loved one is really serious about getting treatment.  Drug and alcohol detox is the initial leap of faith in cleansing the body from impurities in order to begin a new life with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. This is really where the wheels are set in motion towards a more productive and life-affirming path. We also provide our patients with a whole new skillset and coping mechanisms designed to keep addictive responses and triggers non-existent.  Options such as inpatient residential treatment if they are so willing, or if mobilely restricted, outpatient treatment services.  We also offer family based incentives with local South Florida life coaches and sponsors to really give our clients the most advantageous atmosphere at promoting long-term sobriety.  With our fantastic staff, diligence and persistence in treating our clients, we can help pave the road ahead with success, health and happiness.