A new study conducted on drug samples in Vancouver found that an astonishing amount of drugs submitted for analysis were found to be positive for the drug Fentanyl.  To be exact, 86% of the drugs brought forth were contaminated with the drug.  

Fentanyl has taken the United States by storm within the last couple of years and Canada proves to be no exception.  Insite, the facility which conducted the study long suspected the samples to be tainted with the drug from the outset.

“This confirmed our suspicions that street drugs in Vancouver are overwhelmingly contaminated with fentanyl,” said Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, medical health officer with Vancouver Coastal Health.

Fentanyl on the Rise

Fentanyl adulteration continues to be a hot topic amongst the addiction community as it has been identified as the cause for a number of overdose deaths in recent years.  More and more heroin flooding the street has been mixed with the drug which is 10,000 times more powerful than morphine.  

In fact over 90% of all drugs brought to Insite, a facility in Vancouver which offers free drug testing analysis for drug consumers were positive for Fentanyl.  It has been known to show up in everything from cocaine, ecstasy to prescription pharmaceuticals.  It was even suspected of contributing to pop star Prince’s overdose this past year.

Insite: A Step in the Right Direction

The services offered by Insite highlight a step in the right direction.  It is one of the only facilities that allows drug users to inject drugs while under the supervision of medical professionals.  They also offer testing of drug samples brought to their attention by substance abusers.  As more people become empowered and take steps to become informed as to what drugs they actually are taking we might start to see the trend of overdose deaths related to fentanyl diminish.  Most people have no idea of what they are putting into their body when they purchase these illicit drugs off the streets.  What Insite is doing is raising awareness as to what is really contained in these substances.  

When people find out for sure what it is they are really taking they might find themselves abstaining from using in the first place.  Becoming aware of the dangers of fentanyl abuse is the first step in reducing the overall amount of overdoses and raising awareness of the issues facing the addiction community.

Modern Day Drug Epidemic

The rise of fentanyl and other similar research chemical analogs of opioids portend a very troubling future on the horizon.  There is virtually no oversight or quality control in the manufacturing of these compounds and they are making their way into the legitimate pharmaceutical drug supply.  

People who might think they are taking medication for their anxiety could in fact be taking something much stronger and deadly.  All it takes for fentanyl to kill is even just the slightest exposure through inhalation or skin absorption.  Authorities even have to take special precautions when handling the drug to ensure safe measures.

The most disheartening fact of all this is that there are thousands upon thousands of active addicts and drug users who still have no idea as to the dangers of this drug and others with similar acting mechanisms.  The fear is that these people will have no idea if they were to come across it in their drug dealings.  By the time they are aware of such a danger it may just be too late.