Robert Klein, a New Jersey physical education teacher at Howell Township Middle School was discovered on camera with an undercover team of reporters admitting using cocaine and other drugs.  The teacher who has 18 years of experience teaching and earns a sizable income of $99,600 a year with pension teaching has been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation by the school.  



In the roughly 10 minute long video Klein is seen conversing with undercover investigators from the organization known as Project Veritas. Ironically, the founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe presented Howell the phony award for 2016 New Star learning award for excellence in drug awareness at the New Jersey Educators Association convention held in Borgata.  Posing as Bill Stern for New Star Learning James O’Keefe presents Klein with the award at the conference.  Later behind the scenes O’Keefe and his team of investigators capture Klein boasting inside his Atlantic City teacher conference hotel room about regularly evading detection by school issued drug sniffing canines.  


Careful to Avoid Detection


He admits to only using drugs in the confines of his home that have been delivered to him.  Klein shares his reluctance to travel in automobiles with drugs like weed because of the possibility of being detected by police dogs.  He admits to sometimes carrying cocaine on him while driving because of drug dog’s inability to detect the substance as readily as marijuana.  In several scenes during the video Klein becomes wary of the reporters asking if they are wearing a wire.  He’s also captured offering “blow”, or cocaine to one of the reporters several times.  Klein was captured on video alluding to his hospitable charity to guests of his home.  


“I am a teacher. I’m not driving around with f–king weed in my car. But I’ll have it delivered to my house. If you come to my home, like this, you come to my home at night, you come to my room now, I have booze, I have water, I have blow at the house…you know whatever anybody wants I have there, and I don’t mind having it there. Because it’s easy. It’s just one guy who delivers it and drops it off.”


A spokesperson for Project Veritas, Stephen Gordon said their crew went to the conference with the intention seeing if anything “popped up.”  Gordon said that him and his crew engaged with Klein while at the bar in the lobby upon when the teacher invited them up to his room for a drink.  That is when things started to get interesting.   


Teacher Cover-Up?


When confronting Ronald Villano, a representative for the teacher’s union in the second half of the video series they are met with utter indifference.  Villano’s comments upon hearing the revelation by the undercover reporters of Klein’s drug abuse tend to side with the teacher and how he might avoid losing his job.  The welfare of the children that Klein is responsible for teaching is never even taken into consideration by the dismissive representative.