Doctor With Syringe In Hands And USA States Flags On Background Series

A longtime Bayonne doctor has had his medical license suspended after being charged with improper prescribing of prescription medications.  On September 6, 2016 Dr. John R. McGee officially received his suspension which will run for 365 days till it is cleared and he can actively practice medicine again in New Jersey.  The consent order filed by the State Board of Medical Examiners further stipulates that a probationary period be implemented once the suspension is waived.  

The Charges 

McGee faces allegations of gross negligence, indiscriminate prescribing, violation of board regulations and professional misconduct among his offenses.  Deputy Attorney General Bindi Merchant has denounced McGee publicly as a threat to the health and medical safety of its citizens, and that suspension was deemed necessary pending an internal investigation.  Merchant added that McGee was a, “clear and imminent danger to the public.”

The New Jersey doctor is currently facing questionable procedural decisions in six different cases involving the unethical dolling out of prescription medications.  In all but just one case the painkiller oxycodone was administered to the point of wanton disregard.  Another case involved a middle aged patient who suffered from back pain but was never properly screened with the mandatory check-ups like physical examinations, consulting of past physicians and patient history.  The complaint states that despite evidence indicating only mild back pain the doctor continually prescribed oxycodone up to the amount of 360 tablets per month.  That patient is lucky to be alive considering the sheer enormity of oxycodone prescribed.

Quackery Abounds 

When oxycodone was not being utilized by his medical office Dr. McGee would prescribe drugs like Arimidex to an otherwise healthy 33-year old male suffering from low hormones.  Arimidex has no known efficacy for use in men and is currently only approved for women as a breast cancer treatment drug.  The complaint accuses Dr. McGee of prescribing Arimidex in conjunction with testosterone and HCG as an aid for muscle growth.

As a result of the findings listed in the complaint McGee underwent an evaluation at a medical center on December 1, 2015 in order to assess his performance and knowledge of generally accepted standards of medical treatment and care.  The evaluation concluded that Dr. McGee failed to meet the standards set forth by the panel.  He was required to take courses in medical ethics and record-keeping among others.

Medical Accountability 

McGee has since been ordered to cease all prescriptions of potentially dangerous medications including oxycodone and human growth hormones.  In addition he will also have to incur the $50,000 costs of the internal investigation as a civil penalty.  McGee had previously been in the news for a high profile legal battle with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey concerning the failure to pay out millions in patient claims.

This story hints at the blurred lines between the drug dealers roving the inner-city streets and the ones operating in plain view as trusted and distinguished members of medical high society.  We must exercise extreme judiciousness when choosing who we use as our primary care provider.  Often times they are no different than the seedy drug peddler hanging out on the corner.