loved ones

Loved Ones

One of the most devastating impacts of drug and substance abuse is the toll it takes on our immediate circle of family and loved ones.  It can be a truly nightmare scenario having to watch the person you love throw their life away on drugs and alcohol.  The pain of not being able to help can be unbearable and can adversely affect their health as well as the addicts.  Intervention is an option by the family and loved ones and can effectively demonstrate their commitment to getting the addict clean and sober.  Psychological counseling for the family as well as the addict can provide immense benefits from the increase in communication and reframing and redefining of the issues in a professional and clinical setting in effect gaining a better understanding overall.  Helping a loved one who is in the throes of drug addiction can be excruciatingly painful and distressing but in the end immensely rewarding and gratifying. The easy thing to do at times is just ignore the problem because of its enormity and overwhelming nature.  In the long run however this approach is not worth it because you will have to face these demons one way or another and nipping it in the bud is a better alternative the potential cataclysmic consequences of ignoring and hoping the problem will just magically disappear on its own.  Drug dependence is a complex problem with many subtle nuancical issues that go undetected and although there is no magic bullet with respect to addiction there are some important resources at your disposal should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of drug addiction