What To Expect When Entering Detox

Alcohol and drug detox is an indispensable part of the recovery and treatment process back to health. The definition of drug and alcohol detox is – a protocol designed to eradicate the body of toxic and deleterious substances, assigning specifically to drugs and alcohol. This is the preliminary process whereby the addict can start again […]

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Doctors Still Prescribing Opioids To Patients Despite Abuse History

Opioid manufacturing and prescribing is a multi-billion dollar industry that only seems to be growing into even more obscene figures year after year.  The pharmaceutical industry finds itself in the precarious position of filling a void in the marketplace and adhering to ethical codes of conduct and integrity in its business practices.  Big profits and […]

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Obama Unveils New Budget to Fight Opioid Epidemic

Obama’s Answer To The Opioid Epidemic
The President’s 2017 Budget is making big strides in eradicating the deadly battle against opioid and heroin abuse in the country


At the 2016 State of the Union address recently President Obama unveiled a new budgetary measure allocating 15.8 billion dollars earmarked towards opioid and heroin abuse and prevention.  The […]

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2016 Presidential Nominees & Drug Policy Part 2

Drug Addiction Takes Center Stage 
Presidential candidates come to terms with the real issues confronting the nation.

Bernie Sanders

The progressive left wing senator has been a staunch advocate of a number of threatening initiatives to the conservative establishment and status quo.  Last October at the Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas he showed fierce support for recreational […]

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2016 Presidential Nominees & Drug Policy

Drug Addiction Now at the Fore of Policy Making
Presidential candidates finally confronting the issues of drug addiction head-on.

It’s astonishing at how swiftly an issue can rise to the forefront of American politics after essentially being banished from the public forums to now forming such a heated and divisive source of debate among the six front-running […]

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Budweiser Super Bowl PSA

Budweiser Employs Humiliation to Prevent Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is an unforgivable transgression with life shattering repercussions, but is shaming and alienating millions of Super Bowl viewers a smart approach to dissuade would be drunk drivers?  Contrarily, we would contend there is a more intelligent and sincere mechanism to sway the hearts and minds of consumers. […]

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History of Opiates and Emerging Trend of RC Opioids


Since the beginning of time ancient societies have valued the medicinal value of opiates.  Harkening all the way back to antediluvian days before the great flood of Noah’s ark opiates have been a permanent staple of human life and death.  Opium was used for many purposes but […]

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Steven Stirling’s Herointown
Stephen Stirling was curious as to what exactly a town consisting solely of heroin addicts would be like in New Jersey.  The answer was shocking at as it would amount to the fourth largest locale at just under a 130,000 population.

If this sounds like a bit of fantastical hyperbole well we’re sorry to […]

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David Bowie: Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll

David Bowie: Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll

David Bowie, born David Robert Jones on January 8, 1947,  passed away January 10, 2016 after a long and heroic battle with cancer.

Bowie wasn’t your typical musician as his crossover appeal transcended many genres, namely fashion and art. His musical presence will be sorely missed but his legacy […]

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