Artists and Cops Team up to Fight Drugs in New Jersey for a Good Cause


Joyce Bambach, a New Jersey Media Group photographer and Budd Lake artist/painter Bill Sturm are collaborating with police to fight drug addiction in the state of New Jersey.  Bambach is spearheading the evening event entitled, “Chose Live Over Drugs,” on September 10th  in Stanhope in an effort to raise proceeds to battle the beleaguered state […]

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NJ Doctors Receive Millions from Big Pharma


In an article published recently in News 12 New Jersey investigators looked into the practice of doctors receiving millions in compensation from Big Pharmaceutical companies.  In 2015 drug manufacturers remunerated doctors in New Jersey more than 50 million dollars for various services rendered such as speaking engagements in which doctors are lavished with business expense […]

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Courthouse Employee Arrested in Major NJ Drug Sting


Aisha Brathwaite, 34 of Egg Harbor City was arrested on July 7th and charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs according to authorities.  Brathwaite was an administrator for the Ocean County Courthouse in Toms River and part of a drug bust that amounted to two dozen other arrests earlier this month, and half a million dollars […]

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33 People Overdose in New York While Taking K2 Spice


During an unprecedented 11 hour span of time over 33 people were taken to the emergency room for symptoms that officials have attributed to K2 Spice, a synthetic form of artificial marijuana.  This is just another in a recent flurry of reports outlining the dangers of the synthetic and ultra-powerful chemical.  

Overdose Extravaganza

The overdose hysteria […]

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Suspended NJ Cop Acquitted of Drug Charges Wants Job Back


An East Orange police officer who was formally charged with operating a drug distribution ring out of her home and suspended in 2014 has been exonerated of all charges.  The Superior Court panel of jurors found Rajheher Massenburg not guilty of all charges, which included conspiracy drug distribution and official misconduct.  The newly acquitted former […]

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N.J. Bill to Help Addicts who Surrender Drugs


A new bill is being introduced through New Jersey legislation that would provide treatment and help to drug addicts who relinquish control of their drugs over to authorities.  The bill would prevent them from being prosecuted by law enforcement at the same time.  The bill A3744 in the assembly and S2330 in the senate outline […]

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New Jersey Teacher Caught on Video Admitting Cocaine Use

Robert Klein, a New Jersey physical education teacher at Howell Township Middle School was discovered on camera with an undercover team of reporters admitting using cocaine and other drugs.  The teacher who has 18 years of experience teaching and earns a sizable income of $99,600 a year with pension teaching has been suspended with pay […]

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People using Immodium for Opiate Addiction

America has been ravaged by the worst opiate and opioid epidemic ever recorded in history, with over 2 million people addicted as it stands currently.  More and more people are turning to heroin to relieve their withdrawal pangs from prescription pharmaceuticals that no longer go prescribed by doctors at a certain point.  This is anything […]

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3 Causes for Relapse


The prospect of a relapse is a rather taboo subject and something that is often overlooked and understated during the recovery process.  It is important to note that relapse is a gradual occurrence that takes shape over the course of time.  Rarely does a single event trigger a relapse, rather it is usually a chronic […]

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Gov. Christie Means Business Against War on Drugs

The New Jersey governor, has been an outspoken advocate of reechoing the sentiments of President Nixon as this marks the dawn of the 45th anniversary of his renown denunciation and proclamation of the infamous war on drugs campaign.  Christie is spearheading efforts to equip first responders with the anti-overdose drug Naloxone (Narcan) in hopes to […]

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